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The nominees for the Tripbase award for cruise holiday blogs were selected by our judges for their representation of one of the most luxurious ways to travel.

Cruise ships have maintained their status as a very popular form of travel, and allow tourists a sumptuous experience while at sea and adventure opportunities when visiting different locations. All continents are accessible via cruise ship, including Antarctica, and have a range of itineraries from adventure and thrill seeking to partying and relaxing. And with most cruise liners carrying between 2,000-5,000 passengers, you'll find plenty of company to party with. Cruise itineraries vary from a few days at sea to several months to travel around the world.

Depending on the cruise destination, travelers can enjoy seeing whales, dolphins, flying fish, and glaciers along the way. Ocean views, sunrises and sunsets are breath taking. But even in cloudy or rainy weather, cruises can promise to keep passengers entertained with various activities, colorful and tasty food and lively shows. Those that are unsure of the idea of being confined onboard while traveling to ports will be surprised at the massiveness of the ships and plentiful shopping and games offered to keep passengers content.

Below are the best blogs that highlight what cruise vacations are all about. Enjoy the details and photos of others travelers, and be inspired to find the perfect cruise ship for your next vacation.

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Award Winners

  • Cruise Critic
  • The Cruise Diva Blog
  • ShipCritic Blog
  • Luxury Cruise Bible
  • Sailing Cruise
  • CruiseMates
  • Women and Cruising
  • Choosing Cruising Blog
  • Cruising Life
  • All things cruise
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