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This is the Tripbase award for the best blog about Dubai. The blogs have been included, in no particular order of greatness, by our expert judges on the basis of their succinct information on the subject of one of Earth's grandest cities.

Dubai is a city built on oil, metaphorically, though technically it is built on sand which makes it one of the most spectacular sights in the history of engineering. Towering out of the desert - now with the tallest building in the world soaring into the atmosphere - it is a modern phenomenon of epic proportions. The residents and visitors are, on the whole, super rich. Indeed, the opulence and wealth isn't confined to the individuals; The hotels and shops shout about how much money they have, with bizarrely extravagant decorations and gold plated interiors. There is an institutionalised atmosphere of intense luxury. For a hotel to gain the coveted five star status, there cannot be any traffic lights between the airport and the front door. One hotel even built its own road - from the airport terminal to the foyer - to ensure it attained this important accolade. It ferries its guests to and from their plane using two metallic white Rolls Royce Phantoms.

Not all of Dubai is like this. It also prevents a very affordable holiday for those looking for a slightly different city break. The award-winning blogs below have been selected for their breadth of coverage and their determination to bring the best that Dubai has to offer right to your home, wherever you may be.

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Award Winners

  • Life in Dubai
  • Dining City Dubai
  • Dubai Sunshine
  • The Emirates Economist
  • Dubai .AL
  • Grapeshisha
  • Dubai Media Observer
  • Dubai Consumer Mirror
  • Dubai Expat Diaries
  • Crap-Free
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