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Eco Travel

Eco travel can present itself in many different ways, though all have a focus on raising awareness for greener and more responsible travel. Some companies advertise 'eco-friendly' packing materials and guidelines to help travelers minimize resources, while others encourage the use of lower emission vehicles and exclusively 'green' hotels while on vacation. The overarching goal is to promote responsible travel, even while away from the cares of everyday life - the eco travel category in this year's Tripbase Awards is a celebration of this, and we're pleased to present the best green travel blogs currently active.

Ecotourism is an alternate to mass tourism and takes visitors to fragile and protected areas, with the goal of both educating the traveler and benefiting the economic development of the host country. For example, rather than a visitor traveling on an African Safari and hunting the resources that locals need to maintain and stimulate the economic environment, an alternate option would be for the visitor to have a photo safari instead, thus leaving the resources that locals depend on untouched. This slight change can save jobs, communities and cultures from the negative impact that mass tourism often brings. Visitors are able to make positive contributions to the places they visit and can feel confident that they have made a difference in the lives of local communities.

With an abundance of eco travel and volunteering options, travelers are sure to find exactly what they are looking for. The blogs listed below offer the best comprehensive information on what eco travel has to offer.

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  • Ecotrotters
  • Green Traveller
  • Eco travel
  • Ecotourism: Taking pictures and leaving footprints
  • Responsible Travel News
  • Green Travels
  • Travel Eco
  • Travelling the green way
  • Uprooted, an eco-travel blog
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