The Tripbase Awards 2011


Tripbase chooses blogs based on their content, presentation and outlook, and we particularly like the blogs we find which have been written by expats. A good way to record your views - good and bad - of your new home, the blogs have been evaluated by our panel of judges who've selected only the very best for this award.

Moving from one country to another can be very challenging in so many different ways, and being privy to one's experiences as they are doing it is a very interesting read. As you begin to tackle a new culture, community and country, it is extremely helpful to have the sound advice of those who have gone before you.

Expat bloggers can also assist first time visitors in feeling secure while they are vacationing away from home in an entirely different culture. The wealth of information that expats can share is endless; from the best shopping, markets, restaurants, pubs and bars, to must-see tourist sites and how to avoid the long lines. They can tell you about local customs, as well as things to do and not do to avoid offending the locals. Before traveling to a new destination, it is worth the time to find an expat and see what they have to say about what they've learned.

Below is a list of the best expat bloggers. From destinations all over the world, they offer invaluable insight for visiting or moving to new countries, immersing in new cultures, and keeping a live connection with their own.

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Award Winners

  • Yucatan Living
  • Paddy in Buenos Asia
  • 2 Gringos in the Caribbean
  • Empty Nest Expat
  • Expat Mama
  • Expat Cape Town
  • A Reason to Write - India
  • Expat from Hell
  • A Jamaican-American Expat in Cork
  • Life in the Expat Line
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