The Tripbase Awards 2011


The panel hunted high and low for the best blogs about every aspect of air travel in order to bring you the final Tripbase flight award winner's list. We've got blogs about planes, blogs about airports and blogs about duty free shopping, so if you're planning on flying anywhere then you'd be wise to browse these blogs first.

Not everyone can take to the skies and fly themselves from one location to the next. The ability to pilot a plane is one that many travelers truly appreciate, as it is the medium for most major travel. Though pilots for large airlines may not be able to depart and enjoy a vacation after every flight, they do have the amazing experience of travelling all over the world as part of their job. Whether flying a commercial plane or a private jet, pilots have a different viewpoint from travelers that is fascinating. Flight blogs have become a central point for much information on travel plans, itineraries, favorite destinations, and best times to visit year round. They focus their blogging energies on all things flight related, and sharing this world with anyone that is interested.

You'll find below an inclusive list of the best flight bloggers, offering insight into the world of traveling by plane. Not surprisingly, the best blogs include entertaining adventures to exotic places, informative maps of flight travels and destinations, and detailed photo journals and diaries to show beautiful journeys and travels.

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Award Winners

  • The Cranky Flier
  • My flying Blog
  • The Digital Aviator
  • Airport.Ca
  • The Observation Deck
  • View form the Wing
  • Flying Critic
  • The Flying Pinto
  • Flights from Hell
  • A Pilot's Blog
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