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Formula One

As a sport which attracts no small amount of passion, compiling the award winners' list for the F1 category of the Tripbase awards involved a lot of work - the Tripbase team have spent hours looking at literally hundreds of F1 blogs, trying to find the cream of the crop. Finally, we are able to present the finest F1 blogs from across the net and you'll discover these below (if you haven't already).

These gems celebrate a sport which began when Emilio Giuseppe "Nino" Farina won the first ever Formula One World Championship in 1950. His team mate went on to win five times, a record which stood until Michael Schumacher beat it in 2003 when he took his sixth title. Bernie Ecclestone is widely credited with transforming the sport into a multi-billion dollar industry.

The technical aspect of Formula One has driven science and vehicle technology for decades. Instruments like traction control and electronic stability first appeared in Formula One, financed by the huge manufacturers' teams, and then appeared in every day family saloons. The active suspension system piloted in Lotus F1 cars and then the Lotus Esprit road cars are a mainstay of modern vehicle design.

The blogs we've selected cover every aspect of Formula One and have been given their awards for their technical accuracy, their passion for the sport or their individual take on it. Some blogs are very detailed in their history, pinpointing the moment in Formula One's timeline that ground effect aerodynamics were banned, or when semi-automatic gearboxes became the norm. Whether the blog is about the cars, the drivers, the drivers' fashion labels or the circuits, you'll find the leaders of the pack listed below.

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Award Winners

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  • Joe Saward's Grand Prix Blog
  • Formula 1 Blog
  • F1 Fanatic
  • F1 Blog
  • Viva F1
  • Metro F1
  • Enter F1
  • Buzzin F1
  • Alvin's f1 blog
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