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In the award category for best travel guide blogs, our specialists have found the finest examples of writers keen to help out other travelers by lending their expert experience on a given topic. There are many out there, but those you'll see below are among the best.

Just after deciding that it is definitely time for a vacation, you will typically start a rampant search for ideas on where to go and how best to spend your hard earned money on a holiday. Travel guide blogs abound on the internet, but some are better than others at providing an in-depth look at destinations, cultural information, activities and overall appeal of where to visit. It can be a daunting task to try and pick one destination out of the whole world, and the best guide blogs can help you quickly plan your dream vacation. Aside from recommendations on places to go, the best guide blogs offer practical information on different means of travel, cost effective lodgings, must see natural sites, historical wonders, and practical advice for cost effective savings. Travelers of all types will no doubt be assisted by the experience of one of the guide blogs listed below.

It takes much effort to keep such a wealth of needed information up to date and current. The top bloggers in the guide category deserve recognition for continuing to accomplish this feat and assist travelers all over the world. Listed below are the best travel guide blogs available for travelers to begin to sort out and plan their perfect getaway.

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Award Winners

  • Journey Woman
  • Peter Greenberg
  • Time Out
  • Nerd's Eye View
  • Cool Travel Guide
  • Boldly Go Solo
  • Elliott Blog
  • Travel Blissful
  • Nile Guide
  • LUXE City Guides
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