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This is the Tripbase award for Haiti, a beautiful country full of friendly people but one which has not (and may never) recover from the tectonic catastrophes of last year. We had to take into account the problems faced by Haiti when selecting blogs for the award in this category. We hand picked the blogs which were informative and useful for prospective tourists while at the same time being sensitive to the issues facing Haiti's residents.

Hundreds of thousands of people died in the earthquake at the start of 2010, and the country's infrastructure hasn't fully recovered. Intrepid visitors to the tiny nation will arrive at Port au Prince Airport and be greeted by what, according to the blogs below, is a thorough but temporary repair of the earthquake stricken capital city. We've been concentrating on the blogs that will guide you through the process of staying in a country that has encountered destruction on such an enormous scale.

Some people may be put off by the idea of visiting Haiti after the earthquake. What these blogs will tell you though is, rather than being exploitative, your tourism and custom is a vital part of Haiti's road to recovery. Without visitors - which have always constituted a large amount of the country's income - the rebuilding process will be much slower.

The award-winning blogs below show you how your holiday can make a difference.

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Award Winners

  • The Haiti Blog
  • Dying in Haiti
  • BelFim
  • Haiti Hospital Appeal
  • Haiti Onward
  • Haiti Live
  • Haiti, Land of Freedom
  • Rollings in Haiti
  • Blesh Family in Haiti
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