The Tripbase Awards 2011


The Tripbase judges put nearly two hundred of the leading blogs in this category through an extremely rigorous selection process, leaving them with these winners of Tripbase's award for Icelandic blogs.

Iceland gained international notoriety in the summer of 2010 after one of its many active volcanoes - Eyjafjallajökull - erupted so ferociously that air travel was suspended for most of Europe. This meant that some people couldn't go on their holidays and that others had to stay on holiday for far longer than they had intended, reminding everybody of the fragile nature of the planet and the vulnerabilities of air travel. Ultimately, though, the industry has recovered. Holidays to Iceland remain popular, with good exchange rates available and long stays possible in any of Iceland's main settlements. There are more than a few types of hotel and hostelry available in Iceland so if you want to travel on a budget you can stay in Reykjavik with a group of friends in a communal dorm for less than you'd spend on a pint.

The team has found these blogs for their enthusiasm and clarity. These winning blogs are not only thorough but also passionate. We've given preference to blogs which cater for the ordinary tourist, but with Iceland's fascinating geology, we've given plenty of space to blogs which deal with that aspect too.

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Award Winners

  • Iceland Eyes
  • Iceland Banking Crisis News
  • Finding My Iceland
  • Iceland in Focus
  • Iceland Chronicles
  • Iceland on Screen
  • Iceland Wants to be Your Friend
  • Iceland Photoblog
  • Ice Cook
  • A Blog About Iceland
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