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Welcome to the awards category for Israel. In whittling down the final winners' list, our panel has worked tirelessly to find the best blogs about Israel based on the most discerning criteria. We're left with the very finest resources on the subject, for those keen to visit or those in need of information.

A political hot potato and an incredibly important place historically, Israel is one of the most blogged about countries on Earth. Even though it is quite a modern country, it has been at the centre (or at least participating in) some of the most brutal and drawn-out conflicts in recent history and everywhere you look it bears the scars of a nation at war. We recognize that there are lots of different ways to enjoy Israel. Its position on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea makes it a viable tourist destination for those in search of two weeks relaxation on the beach. It is also a good place to start if you want to explore the most consistently troubled area in the world, and the fulcrum of dozens of international disagreements.

It is important to remember that the area is still essentially at war, and that all countries nearby are entangled in a complex and unresolved political disagreement. We've taken this into account when listing these blogs and giving awards - many commentators have deeply entrenched views which are not conducive to informative writing.

The blogs we have given the award to provide an overview of Israel to the prospective traveler.

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Award Winners

  • Aron's Israel Peace Weblog
  • Israeli Kitchen
  • Israeli Mum
  • Israel Water Blog
  • Love of the Land
  • Israel in Photos
  • Israel Seen
  • Israel at Level Ground
  • The Big Felafel
  • Israellycool
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