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This is the Tripbase award category for Japan. In it, our panel have carefully compared and contrasted the many hundreds of good quality travel blogs about Japan, leaving only the very few that stand up to our demanding scrutiny.

Japan is known as the "Land of the Rising Sun', and although culture and history can be traced back thousands of years, modern influences continue to abound worldwide. An island not far from the rest of Asia, Japan has enjoyed solitude from the world at many times during history, yet has embraced other cultures in many ways. Though English is not predominantly spoken, the Japanese are a very welcoming and friendly towards tourists, and can make trips there feel comfortable and much easier. Don't be surprised if people approach you on the street and want to ‘practice' their English in conversation with you.

Beautiful temples, historical structures, lush gardens, and snow-topped mountains are painted into the country's landscape. Japan features the most efficient transportation system in the world and assists travelers in getting around, though it is pricier than other countries. Aside from a strong interest and following in baseball, the Japanese spend much time doing karaoke, a Japanese tradition that has made its mark all over the world. Renting a room with friends and belting out songs, often in English, is a regular activity that can last throughout the night.

In the best blog awards for Japan, listed below you'll find a comprehensive list of online journals that will showcase the varied experiences that the country has to offer for all types of interest.

Note: The award category for Japan was compiled before the tragic news of the March 11 earthquake made international headlines. The judging panel offer their condolences to anyone affected by the disaster.

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Award Winners

  • Japundit
  • Nihon Sun
  • Mike's Blender
  • Rocking In Hakata
  • Bouncing Red Ball
  • Japan It UP
  • Keeping Pace In Japan
  • Japan Navigator
  • Quirky Japan
  • Bionic Bong
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