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The winning blogs in the Kilimanjaro category are here because of their skillful portrayal of the iconic destination. Their content and imagery have been evaluated by the Tripbase judging panel, who have found them to be the best of their class.

Africa's tallest mountain is a nearly six kilometer tall ultra prominent peak situated in Tanzania not far from the border with Kenya. Kilimanjaro is one of the Seven Summits and remains one of the most popular challenges for mountaineers and amateur adventurers.

These award winners provide plenty of information for the prospective climber. Charity events take place on an almost weekly basis here - plenty of sponsorship can be wheedled out of sympathetic people in their comfortable homes in England on account of the blistering heat, perishing atmosphere and unrelenting incline of Mount Kilimanjaro. As well as the climb up the mountain itself, we've found the blogs that tell you where to stay and what to do in the area. If you're staying in Kenya, there are blogs which will tell you how to see your favorite wildlife in the national parks. In Tanzania, you'll get a good map of the complicated road network and some thorough information as to where you can stay.

The mountain isn't far from Africa's lowest point in nearby Djibouti - the blogs below have been selected because they encourage a massive variety of exploratory activities in Africa, and not just the business of climbing the continent's tallest mountain.

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Award Winners

  • MtKilimanjaroLogue
  • Mt. Kilimanjaro - to the Roof of Africa
  • UltimateKilimanjaro
  • Team Kilimanjaro
  • Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project
  • Peak Planet
  • Climbing Kilimanjaro
  • Reach Summit
  • Kiliweb
  • Mount Kilimanjaro
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