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In the London category of this year's Tripbase Awards, the winning blogs have proven that they deserve the large readerships they entertain and inform, as well as providing potential travelers with enough information to make their trips a roaring success. When judging, blogs which incorporated photos were seen favorably by the Tripbase experts especially given the aesthetic uniqueness of the city.

London is the capital city of England. It is one of the oldest and largest cities in the world, with more than 2,000 years of history and a population of nearly eight million. From the medieval City, the square mile, to the centre of modern London, the beautiful boroughs and the heaths and parks of Greater London, there is something to offer in every inch of the capital.

London boasts four World Heritage Sites, including the famous Greenwich Observatory where East officially meets West at 0 degrees longitude. Famous landmarks include Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus and more modern buildings like the London Eye and the Gherkin. London's idiosyncratic transport network is almost worth the money. The famous Tube network with its iconic map propels Londoners and tourists alike around the city's subterranean tunnels. The longest tube line, the District, goes all the way from the county of Surrey, through London and out into the county of Essex.

There word ‘London' brings up six hundred and eighty-eight million results on Google. We've narrowed that down quite considerably to bring you the very best that the blogosphere has to offer you on the subject of the city.

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Award Winners

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  • London is Funny
  • Late Night London
  • London Eater
  • Vinopolis
  • Blinking Heck and Blimey
  • London Daily Photo
  • London Theatre Blog
  • The Rat and Mouse
  • Emm in London
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