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Low carbon

Green travel has been increasing in prominence in recent years, as has the number of sites dedicated to it - as such, only the best blogs in the Low Carbon category have made it to this winners' list, via our dedicated panel of adjudicators and their discriminating criteria.

Low carbon and green travel can no longer be considered a trend, but rather a full-force effort to change the way that millions of travelers impact the environment yearly. In a critical time of much needed environmental awareness, it is important that tourists be aware of the emissions that they will generate while on their dream vacation. Rather than completely reduce travel carbon emissions, which would remove travel completely, there are efficient and effective ways to become a responsible low carbon traveler and still enjoy wonderful and fulfilling vacations. Dedicated bloggers share the perfect combinations for remaining environmentally aware and enjoying their trips of a lifetime.

In an interesting array of viewpoints, advice, and experiences, these blogs can enlighten travelers to a new challenge in traveling cleaner. From finding alternate travel destinations to finding alternate travel mediums, such as avoiding all flights, travelers have plenty of choices in determining what their contribution to this environmental cause will be.

You'll find below the best blogs for low carbon and green travel causes. They are strong and informed environmental advocates that can help you make a positive difference in your travels in order to lower your negative impact on the environment, yet still have the trip that you were dreaming of.

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Award Winners

  • Teacher On Two Wheels
  • Slow Travel
  • GreenBang
  • Around N Over
  • Carbon Commentary
  • Babs 2 Brisbane
  • Whole Travel
  • Green Girls Global
  • Responsive Travel
  • Low Carbon Home
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