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Anybody looking to get a feel for the Maldives without having to fly there would do well to start with any of our winners in this Tripbase Award category. Our panel ran hundreds of blogs through stringent tests to find only the most current, best presented and well written sites in the blogosphere.

Consisting of hundreds islands, each is surrounded by the beauty of sea, sun, and sand. Tourists can stay in bungalows on private beaches, though this is a costly option. Resorts abound on the islands and visitors have a broad choice as to where they'll spend the vacation. As English is widely spoken, travelers find an easy transition into their dream vacation world.

The primary activity offered in Maldives is scuba diving, and amazing things are awaiting divers to be seen under the water. Thanks to crystal clear visibility, divers can enjoy seeing exotic fish, manta rays, sharks, amazing coral reef, and even a few wrecks. Aside from diving, resorts offer a myriad of activities for singles, couples and families. Restaurants serve scrumptious Maldivian cuisine, as well as modern European and Asian dishes. However to get the true flavor of the area, without the over-inflated resort price, tourists need go into town and find small cafes selling local food.

Below you'll find a list of the best blogs written by those who have been drawn in by Maldives' appeal and so inspired to write about it. Browse, enjoy and begin to experience for yourself all that Maldives has to offer.

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