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In this category, our judging panel has compiled a list of the best blogs on Mauritius, having found two hundred contenders and narrowed them down with rigorous tests. As you'll discover, these blogs are here on merit.

Beautiful beaches, warm climates, bright sunshine and the bluest waters imaginable await travelers at Mauritius, a small island in the Indian Ocean. With only two seasons, the island enjoys year round tropical weather, perfect for tourists to enjoy plenty of hours laying out and soaking up the sun. With English being the official language of the country, visitors will appreciate this advantage, even though the wonder of Mauritius takes them far from home.

Though the beaches of Mauritius are gorgeous and have a huge appeal for tourists, they are not the only experiences that travelers can look forward to. Temples, ruins, open markets, and botanical gardens are available for touring, not to mention the fabulous array of shopping centers, restaurants, bars and even discos. For higher activity levels, travelers can climb LePouce for a 360-degree view of Port Louis, tour the Moka Mountains on horseback, or take a safari quad bike tour though the Yemen natural reserve park. Deep-sea fishers will be in heaven with the chance to catch Blue Marlins, Yellow fin Tuna, and even sharks. And thrill seekers will enjoy tandem skydiving from 10,000 feet and an opportunity to see the landscape from a different perspective.

What you'll find below is a comprehensive list of the best blogs that offer a closer look at the varied activities and experiences that are part of Mauritius culture.

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Award Winners

  • Island Crisis
  • Mauritius Blog for Travellers
  • The Eagle's Lodge
  • Yashvinblogs
  • Mauritius UK Connection
  • Maurinet
  • Mauritius News
  • Recipes from Mauritius
  • Mauritius Football Association
  • Mauritius Photos
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