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The bloggers who have won awards in the Melbourne category have done so by writing consistently clear and accurate information about the city, while presenting it in a clear and entertaining way and accompanying it with appropriate videos and pictures.

As Australia's second largest city, Melbourne has much to offer for the new or repeat traveler. It's known as the cultural capital of Australia as more than four million people from all over the world call Melbourne home. The city centre is dressed in Victorian-era architecture, though newer modern buildings also sprinkle the skyline, giving the city an interesting and unique look. Melbourne is host to many different museums focusing on various cultures, as well as galleries, theatres, city and suburban shopping, markets, annual festivals, and beautiful parks. Days in the city can easily be filled with seeing the beautiful sights in the city centre and surrounding suburban areas. Nights in Melbourne offer just as much excitement with a vibrant club scene and various live music venues that promise there is something to suit everyone's taste. For food aficionados, almost every cuisine in the world can be found within the city, including African, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Italian and Japanese foods. Restaurants and pubs abound and are high quality yet affordable, and a perfect combination for travelers.

Melbourne is a place of tremendous diversity and is rightfully considered a cultural melting pot. The blogs listed below offer the best insight for prospective travelers to have as they take an in-depth look at what Melbourne is all about.

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