The Tripbase Awards 2011

Money Saving Travel

Our panel of judges has compared over two hundred established and well-respected blogs to come up with the winners for Tripbase's money saving category.

Travel costs aren't decreasing, and the need for smart money saving tips while planning a vacation is stronger than ever. Many travelers save for long amounts of time, only to have their savings account almost depleted before even leaving their house. The current economic climate has spurred the need for consistent and sound budgetary advice concerning travel, and many bloggers have answered the call. Money saving bloggers keep up to date information readily available for travel planners. From finding competitive plane tickets, hotels and rental cars, sharing tips for better budgeting, and sharing insight on which credit cards rack up the most airline miles, travelers have come to depend on their information and insight. And the wide variety of money saving blogs covers any type of travel for any location in the world.

The blogs listed below are the best at providing money saving tips, advice, travel information and practical assistance for planning the perfect holiday getaway. They offer realistic guidance on stretching the value of your hard earned money to cover your vacation budget, as well as tips on when to purchase flights and where to get great lodging and accommodations. With careful planning and spending, and with the help of these money saving blog experts, you can count on a holiday that leaves some money in your savings account for the next trip.

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Award Winners

  • Johnny Jet
  • Cheapoair
  • Travel Fusion
  • DealBase
  • Best Travel Deals
  • 101 Holidays
  • LowFares
  • Europenethotels
  • Travel by here
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