The Tripbase Awards 2011

Mountain Biking

The awards for the mountain biking category took hours of careful and thorough deliberation, with our judges looking at over a hundred quality blogs before deciding on these winners. After all, there are so many people fanatical about the sport and almost as many blogs devoted to it.

It is a very modern sport, only really emerging in the 1980's and gaining popularity during the 90's. It does require some equipment, of course. Aside from the bike - which is far from standard - safety accessories like gloves, goggles and perhaps most importantly a helmet are all vital investments. This doesn't need to be expensive, and a lot of mountain-biking destinations offer rental of this sort of thing.

Mountain biking is an incredibly green activity. In America, an estimated 13.5 million mountain bikers visit the various national trails. Their environmental footprint is roughly the same as that of a hiker or pedestrian, and considerably less than that of a horse rider. In any case, none of the nine main categories of mountain biking require the use of an engine.

These blogs are just a few of the many resources available to those interested in mountain biking. They're listed for your enjoyment, and also as an award for their ongoing dedication to the sport, its advocacy and its community.

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Award Winners

  • MTN Bike Riders blog
  • Brodie Bikes blog
  • Pedal Nation
  • Pinkbike
  • Riding & Ramblings
  • Slip Angle
  • Fat Cyclist
  • RetroBike
  • Kent's Bike Blog
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