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New York

In presenting the very best material about the city, the blogs for the New York category were not just selected for the clear, entertaining and pleasing portrayal of New York, but also their immeasurable insight. We've given the award to blogs which demonstrate the personal experiences of their writer.

Think of the biggest skyscrapers you can imagine, lined up one after the other to form a ‘concrete jungle'. Yet in the middle of it all, a beautiful park spanning miles and providing the city with a much needed garden, full of lakes, ponds, and soaring trees. This is just the tip of diversity and variety found in New York City. Always a trendsetter, the Big Apple promises visitors an exciting vacation with hundreds of options to entice all of their senses. Museums will strike awe at the vastness in size and variety of exhibits; Broadway shows will dazzle even the most seasoned theater critic; restaurants of all cuisines boast celebrity-chef inspired menus and draw in crowds for some of the tastiest food; fashion-driven industry runs the town and sets trends all around the world.

The life pulse of the city is infectious and travelers will enjoy endless walks throughout the different boroughs, exploring the melting pot of America. New York City is rich in history and leaves no deficit of educational opportunities for families, scholars, or simply enthusiasts. Visit the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, and Ground Zero at the World Trade Centre site. And finally, take a break in Manhattan, enjoy a slice of New York style pizza, and watch the millions of pedestrians that will pass through Times Square.

What you'll find below is a comprehensive list of the best blogs that offer a closer look at why your next vacation should be one to New York City.

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