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In the Peru category of our Travel Awards for this year, Our Tripbase judging panel very carefully evaluated hundreds of Peruvian blogs, selecting just the choicest examples using criteria like accuracy, update frequency, tone and inclusion of pictures. We're very proud to flaunt these examples of excellent blogging, which you will find below.

The South American nation of Peru has an interesting cultural history based on both South American tradition and the influx of European influence starting at around 1532. Before then, the Incas dominated that part of South America. Peru's enormous biodiversity is as much of an attraction as the history, with over twenty one thousand species resident in the country, a staggering 5,855 of which are classified as endemic. The country is the perfect destination for those unsure about what to do. The small nation boasts many strands and eras of intriguing history, beautiful architecture (from traditional to baroque), breathtaking wildlife, glorious weather and picturesque beaches. Try some ceviche when you're there, and savor a plate of anticuchos. The immense biodiversity of Peru allows for the adventurous eater to exercise their palette. Some of the blogs below touch on the subject of food, and all of them give the traveler or the interested party a thorough overview of the country.

We gave the award to the following blogs on account of their factual accuracy and informative content. Below is all the information you'll need on Peru, whether you've booked your flights or are just looking for something to do while stuck at your desk.

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Award Winners

  • Zephyr Adventures blog
  • Rutahsa
  • Destination: Machu Picchu
  • Living in Peru
  • En Peru blog
  • My Slice of Peru
  • Camina El Autor
  • An American in Lima
  • Streets of Lima
  • Birding in Peru
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