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Here we present the Tripbase awards for the Philippines, a tourist hotspot and fascinating country which has inspired countless blogs over the years. Here is the list of the very best of such blogs which are at the top of their class.

Visiting the Philippines is an easy and realistic travel option thanks to the prominence of English speaking throughout the country. However the nation is made up of 7,101 different islands, 96 million people, and there are hundreds of other languages and dialects that are in use. So for those wishing to stretch themselves culturally and immerse in the local traditions and language, you are headed to the right place.

The Philippines offer an extensive range of beautiful scenery and landscape that most people dream about retiring to, including beautiful white sand beaches, coral reefs in tranquil blue waters, and many UNESCTO World Heritage Sites. Rare plant and animal that exist only in the Philippines can be seen on exploration and walking tours. For thrill seekers who don't want to bother with simply relaxing on the beach, there are plenty of opportunities to go caving, diving, rock climbing, mountain biking, sea kayaking and white water rafting. The Philippines offers a variety of activities that can truly appeal to the most diverse of vacationers.

The Philippines are known to welcome tourists with a generous hospitality, which will no doubt make your trip an experience of a lifetime. Below are the best blogs that encompass all of the charm and beauty that the Philippines have to offer.

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Award Winners

  • Paraiso Philippines
  • Just Wandering
  • Our Awesome Planet
  • Walk This Way
  • Byahilo
  • Ivan About Town
  • The Longest Way Home
  • Ar-wee-der-yet
  • Travel Philippines
  • Philippines Travel & Photography Blog
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