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Welcome to our category for best Prague blogs. This award has been given only to those who really understand Prague, and only after they have successfully conveyed their experiences via their blogs to our team of judges. The squad selected these blogs based on an assortment of criteria, looking out especially for blogs with pictures, maps and directions.

Prague, popular with academics, gappers and stag parties, is beginning to become the main tourist destination in Europe, competing with the likes of Paris and London in terms of visitor numbers. Indeed, tourists are attracted by the plethora of cheap hostels, low living costs and the love-it-or-hate-it £1 for ten pints bars.

Situated on the Vltava River, Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. It is classified as a global city and ranks fifth in Europe's table of GDP. Because it suffered considerably less damage than its counterparts during the Second World War, the architecture of Prague is an attraction in itself. The ancient Charles Bridge and its towers are worth a look, as is the peculiar Astronomical Clock. While you're there, remember to check out the very reasonably priced game and dumpling-related cuisine, available at all times of the day and night from small cafés. Try the local Coca-Cola alternative, Kofola, which locals claim is more refreshing than the American version.

We chose the blogs below because they cater for all of Prague's tourists, from the revelers to those wishing to savor the city's architectural delights. Remarkably, a great deal of gap students manage to achieve both.

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  • Prague Spot
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  • Stop In Prague
  • Girl in Czechland
  • Adam Daniel Mezei
  • Czech Off The Beaten Path
  • Prague Jazz
  • Beer Philosopher
  • Prague Spoon
  • Square Meal
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