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Road trips needed their own section, so the team here at Tripbase drew up a shortlist of close to two hundred blogs before our panel of judges ran them through tough tests to find the ones which deserved a Tripbase award. They've been given the honour as a result of their style, content and passion for the open road.

We often forget the freedom afforded to us by the internal combustion engine. We drive our cars around without considering the flexibility that they have brought us. The road trip is a celebration of this liberation - travelling to far-flung places with just the people you want to spend time with.

Admittedly, young men from Ancient Rome would gather in groups and explore the Roman world on horseback or in chariots. But the modern way, with cars and tarmac roads, means we can happily cover four hundred miles in a day, given the fuel and the attention span. The Interstate highways of America are enormous and connect great cities - perfect for the ultimate all-American road trip. Germany's Autobahns allow for speed limited only by your own vehicle's performance. Hire a tuk-tuk and brave the most dangerous roads in the world in South America. Otherwise, a road trip closer to home - Northern Europe or Scotland, for example - might be just as fun with a handful of friends and some choice CDs.

Whether you're driving a Reliant Robin to Amsterdam or taking a Cadillac down Route 66, the blogs below are your first port of call on the way to automotive freedom.

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  • Last Great Road Trip
  • National Historic Route 66 Federation
  • Route 66 News
  • Without Baggage
  • Planning Fun Road Trips
  • Green American Road Trip
  • Picture Route 66
  • Roadtrip America
  • Great American Road Trip
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