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This is the Tripbase Award for all things safari-related. We've given awards in this category based on a number of criteria. We feel that sustainability is one of the most important aspects of the safari industry, so we have omitted blogs which advocate the more exploitative safaris. We've also given preference to the safari blogs which genuinely care about the animals and demonstrate that they are more than just entertainment.

Whether there are kids on the trip or not, everybody wants to go and see the giraffes. On an African safari, you're likely to see the African elephant, several types of zebra and possibly some ostriches - not to mention lions, if you're lucky. There are many types of antelope and bird which people overlook in favour of the more famous species - the blogs below are very thorough.

Also included in the awards below are blogs which discuss the English alternative. Safari parks - like Longleat and Port Lympne - offer similar experiences for a fraction of the price. The very real threat of extinction faces many of the animals people try to catch a glimpse of, and we've given the award to blogs where this is taken into account.

Below are the blogs we feel deserve the award in the safari section.

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Award Winners

  • Jenman Safari Blog
  • The Wild Source blog
  • Afrique Centrale
  • African Safari Journals
  • Island Safari
  • Plan Your Safari
  • Joe Van Os Photo Safaris
  • Safaris in Botswana blog
  • Safari Geek
  • Uyapi Blog
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