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Sea Kayaking

This is the Tripbase Award for sea kayaking. We've drawn up this list of the best sea kayaking blogs based on the diversity within the activity. We realise that some people will just want to paddle around off the coast of Norway and see some fjords, while others will pack their kayak with supplies and friends and will have an expedition to areas too shallow for traditional watercraft. That's why our experts have sought to provide an accurate cross-section of kayaking, as demonstrated by the world-class blogs on this page.

Since the early Eskimo hunters began using kayaks to hunt seals, recreational users have enjoyed the kayak's ease of use and seaworthiness. They are an efficient and comfortable form of transport, with the largest models being able to take on considerable amounts of food and cargo - certainly enough for a week or two. They are a mainstay of inland river tourism on account of their ease of use and their inherent buoyancy.

While a lot of the blogs below give detailed and technical information and advice to kayakers, we've also given awards to blogs with more basic information. Some readers may never have set foot in a kayak before; some may not even have rowed a boat or sailed a dinghy.

The following award winners deserve their awards for their writing about sea kayaking at every level, from beginner to expert.

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Award Winners

  • On Kayaks
  • Sea Kayak Photo blog
  • Whitby Sea Anglers
  • UK Sea Kayak Guidebook
  • Simon Willis
  • See Kayak
  • Kayak Quixotica
  • Sea Kayaking Cornwall
  • ExpeditionKayak
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