The Tripbase Awards 2011


The skilled panel of judges chose these winners from a list of many hundreds of blogs about skiing. The sport enjoys thousands of devoted bloggers, but only the ones which made it through our rigorous selection process made it into the shortlist. From there, our panel decided which were the best based on the content, media, presentation and entertainment factor of each of these terrific blogs.

The thrill of strapping on skis and carving out powdery snow on the side of a mountain is like none other. Vacations to ski resorts remain popular and are available year round in many different counties. There are many different types of skiing that are available to skiers of all levels, as well as competitive ski sports tempting the most confident thrill seekers. Training schools are available on resorts for novices, and almost anyone can eventually learn to ski with confidence. For the more daring and experienced skiers, mountains will entice carving, racing, moguls, and daunting, steep slopes. Skiing for people with disabilities is very prevalent and available at most ski resorts. Special equipment assists people with all types of cognitive and physical disabilities to cut down the mountains with the most experienced skiers. Extreme skiing is appealing to adrenalin junkies and thrill seekers alike, and provides an exhilarating outlet for limit testers and dare devils.

With countless options of ski resorts all over the world, travelers can rely on those who have experienced skiing on their favorite mountain and blogged to share the details. Listed below are the best blogs that show a comprehensive look into the world of skiing.

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Award Winners

  • Ski-Buzz
  • Wild Snow
  • The Skiing Department
  • Ski-Blog
  • The Heli-Ski Blog
  • DogLotion
  • Erna Low
  • Skimaven
  • Polar Explorers
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