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Spanish Cuisine

Our Spanish cuisine section of this year's Travel Awards boasts the finest blogs ever written on the subject. Our judges have worked tirelessly, comparing a shortlist of hundreds of excellent blogs and narrowing it down to the winners you see below. These really are the crème de la crème.

Have you ever had really good paella, delicious migas, or an awesome flan? These are staples in Spain, and you won't have to travel far to experience the cultural phenomenon of Spanish cuisine. Flavors combine to produce wonderfully fresh tasting food. Widespread throughout the world, Spanish food is known for its unique recipes, use of fresh ingredients and healthy preparations. Seafood is a predominant feature in Spanish cuisine, readily available and fresh thanks to the waters surrounding the country.

Typical dishes include potato omelets, chorizo, rice puddings, and churros. Regional tastes vary somewhat when producing favorite stews, soups, and breads. Paella is a favorite with slight variations depending on the region. Made in a paellera, bomba rice is perfectly cooked and topped with a variety of meats and vegetables to produce a very tasty and traditional dish enjoyed all over the world. Spanish cooking is a new trend that has become popular far and near to its origins. Spanish cuisine chefs are celebrated for their current contributions to culinary arts, and Spanish restaurants share the cultural influence of Spain in the form of mouthwatering foods.

The blogs listed below offer the best information on Spanish Cuisine for those wishing to dive into the culinary world.

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