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Only the best blogs could possibly represent a country as diverse as Thailand. These have been chosen by a team of dedicated travel specialists who've narrowed the list down from about a hundred nominees. The panel took hours deciding and used criteria like communication, media and aesthetics to rank the blogs in order of merit.

The Southeast Asian nation of Thailand, formerly known as Siam Thai, has been a popular destination for all sorts of holidaymakers since the 1960's. At present the tourism industry accounts for around 6.7 percent of Thailand's GDP and brings about fifteen million visitors every year. Interestingly, most of these tourists come from the pacific region - it is a holiday destination of choice even for those who live in our own holiday destinations. Most people tend to visit Bangkok and the beaches but these blogs will show how much more there is to Thailand. We've chosen the blogs below for this award because they're speaking up for the lesser-known parts of Thailand, away from the well-trodden tourist trail.

We haven't excluded the blogs which cater for students and revelers - quite the opposite, many of these winning blogs explain exactly how to have fun if you want to visit a full moon party or visit the hottest bars. But Thailand's ecosystem is a fragile and beautiful one, so we've also selected the blogs with the most spectacular and enticing photographs of Thailand.

We hope that these blogs will help you plan your next adventure to Thailand, the eighteenth most visited country in the world.

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Award Winners

  • Thai Photo Blogs
  • Thai Eyes
  • Thai Culture Blogs
  • My Egg Noodles
  • Thai Pulse Blog
  • My Thai Photo Blog
  • Thai Girl
  • Thailand Crisis
  • Political Writings on Thailand
  • Eyes of Thailand
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