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This is the Tripbase award for blogs dedicated to the Japanese city of Tokyo. The panel selected these blogs on the basis of their accuracy, presentation, and how they conveyed to the reader the details and need-to-know facts about Tokyo.

Japan boasts one of the most ancient cultures on the face of the earth, and the country's capital - Tokyo - is one of the places you can go to discover it at its roots. This is where the Japanese Imperial Family live, direct descendents of the great emperors. Although skyscrapers and monumental buildings define its skyline, the horizon is still dominated by the towering hulk of Mount Fuju, the snow capped volcano which looms over the city.

Our panel has had to be extremely sensitive in choosing the blogs to represent this city, the whole of Japan having suffered hugely as a result of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which decimated the coastal regions. Japan, however, is particularly adept at recovering from natural disasters and still presents a terrific holiday destination. Responsible for Pokémon, anime, karaoke, judo, instant noodles, the camcorder, the pocket calculator, the dance mat and the memory card, Japan's contributions to international society have not been insignificant.

With powerhouses like Sony inventing the DVD with Phillips and Nissin inventing the ubiquitous instant noodle, we can see the effect Japan has had on our world everywhere we look. These award winning blogs celebrate this phenomenal country and everything it has to offer.

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Award Winners

  • Planet Tokyo
  • Arisha in Tokyo
  • Tokyo Essentials
  • Tokyo Art Beat
  • Tune-in-Tokyo
  • Tokyo Journal Online
  • Bento
  • Stomp Tokyo
  • Tokyo Connections
  • Digital World Tokyo
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