The Tripbase Awards 2011

Travelling with Pets

These are the Tripbase blog awards for the best blogs on the tricky subject of travelling with pets. Our researchers and judges have worked tirelessly to ensure that these winners are the most thorough, accurate and well-written blogs on the internet.

Parents always complain about holidays with kids in tow. Pet owners, on the other hand, are often banned from tourist destinations and hotels for fear of their charges making a mess of the carpet. We've found the most exciting and practical blogs detailing the ways in which pet owners can travel. There are hints about keeping animals happy in moving vehicles and the restrictions put in place by customs and border authorities when crossing into different countries. Whole sections on the Passports for Pets scheme - which allows pets to cross borders without the agonising six week wait of rabies quarantine - will guide you through the application process.

The blogs which have been given the awards provide accurate detailed information and the latest news on pet friendly hotels, the equipment you need to safely transport animals with you on holiday, the precautions you need to take to safeguard yourself and your pets against disease, the things you need to tell people on your way and tips for clearing up if your pet does something unpredictable. There's no reason why taking the whole family with you on holiday should be difficult - these well-presented blogs will show you just how easy it is.

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Award Winners

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  • Dog Friendly
  • How to Travel With Pets
  • Pet Airways
  • Pet Relocation
  • You Must Be Trippin'
  • Go Pet Friendly
  • World Pet Travel
  • Puppy Travel
  • Pet Travel Blog
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