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Volunteering Holidays

Being such a huge part of the traveling experience to countless individuals, volunteering needed its own Travel Award category - and here it is. After hours of review and debate, we are pleased to bring you the final list comprising of the very best volunteering blogs out there.

The opportunity to have a first hand experience at local life is just one of the many benefits to participating in a volunteering holiday. Volunteer programs exist to allow travelers the exciting chance to explore new cultures from the inside and give back to the community in a unique way. Work field placements range from social work, environment, healthcare, and educational opportunities. Volunteers may find themselves in Ghana as a sports coach for teens, or in Argentina teaching English in a primary school. Other fields include ecotourism, conservation projects, humanitarian focused work, and teaching placements; the choices are endless!

Volunteer holidays provide built in benefits, such as making new friends with locals or other volunteers, refining or learning a new language, and learning more about yourself throughout the process. Many sign up for volunteer holidays for a sabbatical from work or to find a new focus in life. Another benefit to volunteer holidays is also the work experience that can be added to your resume when you’ve completed your trip. Who knows, you may even find a new career path!

The blogs listed below offer the best comprehensive information on all things related to volunteering holidays. There are many opportunities and benefits to choosing to participate in a volunteering holiday, and these can help you start the process.

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  • AidWorker Daily
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  • Gap Year For Grown Ups
  • Biosphere Expeditions
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