The Tripbase Awards 2011

Walking - Backpacking

This category is devoted to walking and backpacking. The criteria used by the panel included the ability to present information in a pleasant, entertaining way, incorporating a variety of media. This will enable you to hear the sounds and see the sights experienced by walkers before embarking on your own journey.

Dedicated backpackers commit to this form of travel for many reasons and generally are able to experience the local culture because of it. Often relying exclusively on public transportation, hostels rather than hotels, and packing everything on their back, they engage in independent travel and are able to plan a much longer and lower budgeted trip. The emphasis is taken off of ‘vacation' and placed more on ‘education', and backpackers take pride in being authentic and experiencing the real culture of their destination. For many backpackers, trips become more of a personal growth opportunity rather than a pleasure trip, and they enjoy blogging and journaling their experiences.

More extreme forms of backpacking have taken the form of countrywide trips without any assistance from other types of transportation. These travels can take years to complete and are racked with natural risks and dangers, but thrilling to follow along.

The blogs listed below offer the best comprehensive information on walking and backpacking as a form of travel. They outline personal discoveries and triumphs of accomplishments, draw readers to new places that mass tourism may not take them, and provide updates of their trek and where they will be taken next. Backpacking is an exciting alternate to standard travel and these bloggers do a thorough job of detailing its appeal.

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Award Winners

  • Goliath Expedition
  • A Bay Area Hiking Blog
  • Triple Blaze
  • Gambolin' Man
  • Hiking Taiwan
  • Ryan Runs Europe
  • Frank in Oz
  • Flashpacker Backpacking
  • Start Backpacking
  • Students in Europe
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