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Boasting a rich and moving history, the Polish city of Warsaw is finally getting the international attention it deserves. The Tripbase awards celebrate this fact and have highlighted what we feel to be the very best blogs concerning the city, one of many recommended stopovers for people travelling through Europe.

The city has plenty to offer the European back backer. Polish food is hearty and inexpensive, with dozens of tiny restaurants serving national specialties like Kielbasa. While history has been unkind to Poland's architecture, it remains a city where dozens of styles mingle - Romanesque meets Renaissance, Gothic meets rococo. Animal lovers might be interested to visit the woodlands around the city, where rare species such as the European Bison can be spotted among the deer and wild boar.

With an efficient public transport system and a rapidly growing tourism industry, this war-torn, ex-communist fulcrum of modern history has become one of the must-do destinations in Europe.

After hours of review, here we present the blogs our judges feel best represent Warsaw's enormous diversity and poignant history.

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Award Winners

  • U.S Mission Poland
  • Warsaw Business Journal
  • abinarylife
  • Warsaw Village Band
  • Destination Warsaw
  • The Warsaw Voice Online
  • Warsaw-Life
  • Love Warsaw
  • Warsaw Travel Tours
  • Go Warsaw
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