The Tripbase Awards 2011

Women's Travel

Women's Travel was an enormous category, with a shortlist of nearly a thousand nominees. It took a day of debate before the panel here at Tripbase unanimously decided on these blogs as winners. They truly convey the ethos of women's travel and what it means to female wanderers everywhere.

Opportunities for women's travels have increased drastically in the past few years, with a multitude of agencies available to support women in solo and group travel all over the world. While some of the focus is on travelling to exciting places and experiencing new cultures, it's largely shared with a desire to inspire confidence in women to strike out on their own and relish in their own travel experiences. Despite difficulties of hitting the trails, roads, or terrain on your own, those that have completed journeys cite personal growth and self-belief as a result.

Women's travel bloggers exist to discuss past experiences and encourage others to gain the courage to try their hand at it. Bloggers share travel tales, disappointments, mishaps and milestones, all chalked up to learning experiences that are invaluable. This blogging community also unites to form groups and physical supports for others that are setting out on trips or in the process of planning to strike out solo. It's an amazing network that any woman interested in travel can benefit from.

Below is a list of the best blogs that focus on women's travel all over the world. Written by women, they incite confidence and inspire motivation for other women to make the leap into the travelling world, without limits, and plan to go wherever it is that their heart desires.

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Award Winners

  • Maiden Voyage
  • The Jet Set Girls
  • The Vacation Gals
  • Diva in a Carry On
  • Jauntsetter
  • Solo Female Traveller
  • Travel Betty
  • Go Gallivanting
  • The Lost Girls
  • A Girl's Gotta Go
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