The Tripbase Awards 2011

World Art

We felt that the planet's art needed its own category in our prestigious travel award listings. The winning blogs were selected by our judges because of their devotion to art and their passion for bringing it to your computer screen through a selection of media.

From ancient cave paintings to modern realism, and all that can fit in between, the Internet is host to hundreds of blogs that daily discuss and explore various topics relating to all forms of art. Artists and critiques alike host blogs and keep up to date information on articles, reviews, criticisms, and news pertaining to old and new pieces. World art bloggers include students, amateurs, and artists, all contributing to the ongoing conversations about classical, modern and unique pieces of art.

There are several art bloggers that stand out among the rest, not only in content but also in passion and presentation. They showcase pieces that are thought provoking, awe inspiring, and classically beautiful. Travelers can depend on the experiences that these bloggers share as they read stirring reviews and their own personal encounters with the pieces. Bloggers can bridge the gap for readers who have yet to see these works face to face, and encourage future travel excursions.

Below is a list of the best blogs that are solely focused on world art. As an important piece of culture and history for every country, travelers will appreciate the chance to experience art from all over the world in this unique and informative way.

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Award Winners

  • Artworld Salon
  • Art News Blog
  • Little People
  • Irish Art
  • Pure Graffiti
  • The Art of Wibble
  • We Make Money Not Art
  • Michael Barrier
  • Web Urbanist
  • Frieze
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