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World Cinema

This is the world cinema category of the Tripbase Awards. As a growing industry, the award is a symbol of the writers' skills and dedication to the art form of world cinema, as well as the technical prowess of the blog itself.

Although the general perception may be that Hollywood films rule the movie scene, the actuality is that counties all over the world produce thousands of films on an annual basis. World cinema, or foreign films, are regularly released and enjoyed all over the world. Many world cinema films often offer a more artistic appeal when compared to the commercialized Hollywood movies, and offer a deeper and more sophisticated perspective. Though some world cinema films have been released worldwide and enjoyed a blockbuster success in larger counties, most find their way to a DVD pile at the movie store.

Despite the lack of commercialized success, a dedicated blogging community helps to keep these treasures alive. Readers can search and find information on any world cinema film ever produced, though finding hard copies may be a larger feat. Bloggers enjoy posting summaries and outlines of films and moderating discussions on themes and meanings.

Though no actual travel is required, readers can transport to other countries and experience a huge piece of culture in the form of world cinema. Below is a list of the best blogs focused on world cinema that helps to bring important aspects of other cultures into the homes of the readers.

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  • Dear Cinema
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  • Passion for Cinema
  • Film Journey
  • Slant Magazine
  • Shooting Down Pictures
  • Future Movies
  • Critic After Dark
  • Ferdy on Films
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