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World Music Blogs

In our world music category, the select few blogs which genuinely stand out as exemplary advocates of the world's music have been listed here. Out of many relevant blogs, we've sifted through to find only the real successes.

The ancient art form of music probably dates back to prehistoric eras. Discoveries on Palaeolithic archaeological sites have indicated that the act of making music started around 40,000 years ago - hollowed out bones which could have made noises have been discovered, crafted from the skeletons of cave bears.

Music was a vital part of the culture of Ancient Greece and with that came its link to theatre. The Byzantine and Roman empires are outlived by their musical legacy. India has one of the richest musical histories of any modern country, with the monophonic Marga music based on a single line of melody. China's 12-note octave has a distinctive twang as recognisable as France's ‘Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien'. The American rock'n'roll tradition is a key part of the USA's cultural identity, as are the West African notes you can hear in many genres of music. One of the remarkable things about the world's music is how much of it has been influenced by mass migrations and the slave trade. Inventions like the radio allowed the world to hear music for the first time. Now the Internet brings you a list of the best blogs on world music, from Aztec to dubstep.

Without further ado, here we present our judge's top picks which showcase the best of world music available on the Internet. They are listed in no particular order, so dip in and chances are you'll find some new favorite artists.

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Award Winners

  • SoundRoots
  • New Weird Australia
  • Putumayo World Music blog
  • The Bluesmen's World blog
  • Babe(b)logue
  • Folk Yourself
  • Awesome Tapes from Africa
  • Said the Gramophone
  • Awmusic
  • World Music Central
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