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World Politics

Politics is a pervasive force which demanded its own category here on this year's Tripbase Awards. We've been very careful in finding only the very best blogs currently active, using an extensive process which involved a shortlist of three hundred political blogs and a dedicated team working through them individually. The result is a list of the best political blogs on Earth, all of which more than deserve their awards and your readership.

There is no shortage of available material for political discussions, especially considering the current political climates around the world. Though most countries enjoy political stability, the ones that are at unrest make global news headlines daily. Assassinations, tragedies, and wars dominate conversations, news, and even blogs. Both well-informed and strong opinioned bloggers use their web space to discuss current events and how they impact the everyday world. Many countries are currently off limit to tourists, yet the readers can catch a glimpse of life there through these online catalogs of information.

Political bloggers are not simply replicating and reposting news stories, but rather hashing through them, discussing alternate viewpoints and sharing how they feel problems should be managed. Hot topic issues abound and conversations can become heated, yet provide thought provoking topics and responses. Through this unique form of communication, bloggers bring to light a familiarity to foreign places along with details of their governments, policies, and ideals. Parts of the world that may remain off limits for travel for extended amounts of time can in some ways become available to readers.

The blogs listed below offer the best comprehensive information on the current political climate for places all over the world, and allow readers an insider's glimpse into turbulent situations around the globe.

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Award Winners

  • Tumerica
  • Library Grape
  • Infidels are Cool
  • War and Piece
  • The Universal Fusionist
  • Deadpan Thoughts
  • Serious World Politics
  • Total Politics
  • War Is Boring
  • Pickled Politics
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