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Thanks to Ghana's social and political stability, low crime rate and widespread use of English, it is of no surprise that it is enjoying a rise in tourism and is one of the most popular destinations in West Africa for foreigners. Once here, visitors are guaranteed to be met with fine hospitality and an abundance of attractions (including a number of magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Sites and gorgeous National Parks) and despite being home to over 100 different ethnic groups Ghana has seen next to know racial or civil violence of the kind which has dogged many of its neighbors. In the best blog awards for Ghana, we've assembled an array of excellent online journals which are written from within this great nation by its everyday residents.

  • Ghana Guide and Blog


    The site covers just about every angle one would consider before travelling to Ghana with the intention of working or volunteering there. All in all, a great resource for travellers.

  • Holli's Ramblings


    Intellectual but never overbearing, Holli's regular discourses on Ghanaian life and culture are always fresh and engaging.

  • Circumspect


    Visiting Circumspect for the first time is akin to opening a treasure chest of thought-provoking content. An excellent social platform for anyone interested in Ghana and African development at large.

  • I Heart Accra


    It's rare to see a blog as passionate and uplifting as I Heart Accra, and as such it would be next to criminal not to have included it on a list of best Ghanaian blogs currently active.

  • Ato Kwamena Dadzie


    Humorous, reverent and intellectually cutting, Ato's site represents Ghana through a wealth of different media to great effect. Terrific work.

  • Waters Edge Ministries


    Ghana is explored here via a number of first-hand experiences which are always well-written and engaging. What's more, they all originate from great people performing life-changing work.

  • Ghana Celebrities


    You may be surprised to discover how much of a powerhouse Ghana is when it comes to the entertainment industry - navigate the dizzying celebrity circles with this superior team-run site.

  • Life and Living It


    The writing of four different Ghanaian British women and their everyday lives is a reliable way of getting a first-hand view of Ghana. Highly recommended reading.

  • Accra Daily Photo


    Ghana makes for a stunning stage for photography, and this fine collection presented complete with a fascinating blog will have you checking back on a daily basis.

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