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There's an interesting dichotomy at play when it comes to world politics, or indeed politics in general. On the one hand, many claim to have little interest or knowledge on the inner workings of government and staunchly defend their purposeful ignorance. On the other hand, ask such people their views on the tax and social system or the war in Afghanistan and they'll fall over themselves to offer their views. There are also a virtually limitless number of people blogging about politics, some in a well-measured voice and others not so, and the medium is a good one for keeping up to date with the latest global issues. Here are our favorite world politics blogs from across the Internet, all of which display knowledge and temerity in their approach. In saying that, you may not always like the opinions shared by our award winners - please note that our judging panel for this category represented a fair cross-section of political views and no bias entered the review process.

  • Tumerica


    Carolyn is a lady and US citizen of many talents, not least of which extend to her political blogging in which no subject is left unexplored.

  • Library Grape


    A powerful and insightful blog which tackles a wide range of subjects and themes affecting the world today. Somewhat surprisingly, everything you see here is the work of a single writer.

  • Infidels are Cool


    American politics and much more is discussed and critiqued over at Infidels are Cool, a blog with fresh thoughts served up regularly with a no-nonsense editorial voice.

  • War and Piece


    If you're looking for a one-stop shop for international news and opinion, you'll find a haven in War and Piece. Truly inspiring work.

  • The Universal Fusion


    MJ Santos is a writer to be revered and respected, with her writing prowess matched only by her success in the political and managerial circles.

  • Deadpan Thoughts


    We're grateful to Deadpan Thoughts for bringing some much-needed and often lacking optimism and positivism to political blogging - we're sure you'll be grateful too, so be sure to visit often.

  • Serious World Politics


    The Rainbow Writing team have a knack for getting straight to the heart of US and global issues over at the Serious World Politics blog. Highly recommended reading.

  • Total Politics


    Displaying a great design aesthetic and comprehensive political material, Total Politics is an authority on the higher goings-on of the UK and beyond.

  • War Is Boring


    An innovative, and downright addictive, site which presents the goings-on in conflict stricken zones in comic form. The work which clearly goes into War Is Boring must be extensive, so do consider donating if you enjoy it as much as us.

  • Pickled Politics


    Pickled Politics takes a unique and unapologetic approach in its reporting of British and global issues, more often than not bringing a unique perspective to current political stories.

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