Part 2: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

You�re in the airport with the kids, but it�s still 3 hours until takeoff time!

Ellen Perlman of Ellen Perlman knows what to do:

"Flying with kids is a trip!

Advice: Entertaining young children is key.

  • 1. Look up ahead of time what airports have play areas.
  • 2. You don�t want a tight connection when traveling alone.
  • 3. To go through security quickly be sure your kids wear shoes that are easy to take off and put on by themselves.
  • 4. Have them walk through the airport if possible. It tires them out so they�ll sleep on the plane.
  • 5. If traveling with two children, on a plane with just two seats across, seat the children together, while you sit across the aisle. Let/make them play with each other.
  • 6. If sitting three across, sit in the aisle seat instead of between them, so your head doesn�t ping pong while tending to their needs.
  • 7. Bring a lot of food. Once you�re waiting at the gate, you don�t want to have to gather all your stuff to go to a food court with kids.
  • 8. Make them a zip lock bag filled with their favorite treats, mixed with some healthy things. Throw in mini shredded wheat, nuts, gummy bears, gold fish and more. It will entertain them to sift through and find what they like.

Flying with Children - Onboard the Plane

Ted and Jason of Aviation Bull has clearly mastered the art of flying solo with young children, read their important tips:

"The biggest thing that I think a traveling parent can do though is control his or her temper. We�ve all heard a couple fighting or a parent yelling at their kid(s). It darkens the mood of everyone around. Nobody wants to listen to a kid getting yelled at and people will instantly isolate the family passing out discipline. It�s tough, but don�t correct the small things. When you do need to correct something try to explain and correct kindly rather than using that exasperated whisper. With a positive attitude kids are happier, other travelers are more accepting and interested in helping and the better the experience is altogether."

"One stage of travel that always seems to give my little one problems is the descent to landing. I got some great advice on how to deal with this from a sage old airline pilot. He told me to make sure that my child had something to suck on during the descent. I use a bottle or sippy cup with some juice in it right about the time you hear the pilot ask everyone to return to their seats. The sucking helps them equalize the pressure in their ears and helps to avoid the discomfort that comes along with not being able to pop them."


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