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As the largest city in Canada, Toronto is home to a quarter of the country's population and is a powerhouse in the world economy. It is famed for its quality of living, in part owing to its safety, cleanliness and open-armed hospitality to outsiders (so much so that nearly half of all residents are non-Canadian). With the soaring CN Tower proudly watching on, Torontonians go about their lives and many choose to chronicle them in ongoing blogs. There are many reasons to visit and live in the city, and within Toronto's sprawling city limits are an equal number of people blogging. Sorting the most prolific and quality sites from those which are long-abandoned was no mean feat, but our judging panel have nevertheless collated the finest Toronto-based blogs serving both residents and tourists to this great city.

  • Cheap Eats Toronto


    Toronto is certainly not noted for its inexpensive nature, so an unbiased site which details the best eating establishments for those who are on a budget is a highly recommended site indeed.

  • Transit Toronto


    A superb team effort which helps users navigate the vast public transport system in Toronto, putting all the information you need in one place. Great work all round.

  • Down Goes Brown


    A no-holds barred approach to sports writing is taken on Down Goes Brown, an excellent hockey blog focusing on the Maple Leaves and NHL at large.

  • Toronto Street Fashion


    A visually stunning blog detailing the fashion scene in the city and promoting events in and around the city. Worth visiting by anyone with a passion for shopping, fashion and the arts.

  • WT Blog


    The Wireless Toronto blog is a strong-spirited community movement attempting (and in many ways, succeeding) to improve Wi-Fi and communications services within the city. A useful resource for anyone who has lugged their laptop from one coffee shop to another in frustration.

  • Xtra!


    The award for best gay and lesbian news portal for the Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver areas sits solely with the Xtra! news blog. Excellent content and media served up on a regular basis.

  • Real Talk Toronto


    Pop culture and particularly the urban music scene is explored, shared and commented on in great detail in the Real Talk Toronto media blog.

  • BlogUT


    Studying at or thinking of joining the University of Toronto? If so, you could do far worse than visiting this student run blog which features a wealth of useful content to help you settle in. One to add to the bookmark list.

  • Toronto Styles


    Another superb fashion blog with a striking design aesthetic and exclusive photographic coverage of all the latest events. An excellent Toronto-based team blog.

  • Toronto Sun Family: 1971-2010


    A candid look behind the scenes of one of the city's most popular papers. Worth visiting regularly and of particular interest to residents or those interested in the publishing/journalism industry.

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