Part 2: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

If You are Stressed, the Kids are Stressed

Sara Pinto Keagle of The Flying Pinto offers some splendid advice in order to minimize those stress levels, or indeed to make them all but disappear.

"The most important tip I have when traveling with children is time. Children feed off of your energy so if you're stressed they will be stressed. Here are my best tips for a less stressful travel with day kids:


Get your children excited about flying, especially if they have never flown before. Start talking about your trip a few days beforehand. Point out airplanes as they fly by, tell them that you will be on an airplane�.up in the sky! Your kids may not understand at that very moment, but they will eventually be able to piece it together as you get on the plane and then take off.

Take them to the library or book store, and get age appropriate books related to flying. Use this as a learning experience and choose books on the history of flight or maybe a book related to your destination.

One of my favorite activities for kids of any age is to keep a travel journal. I started my daughter Lucy�s journal on her first trip. She was only three-months-old so I did the writing, but now at two she scribbles where I write, and eventually she will take it over. We�ve also saved every boarding pass from our trips together.

Getting through the Airport with Small Children

If your child is small enough carry them in a sling. You can avoid bringing a stroller and it will also leave your hands free. You may also be surprised to hear that I don't recommend bringing a car seat on the airplane. There is a great product out on the market called C.A.R.E.S. (child aviation restraint system) It is the best invention, it allows your children to be harnessed in the airplane seat without the bulkiness of the car seat. You can either check your car seat before security, or if you have two young children you can keep it to help you get to the gate. The Traveling Toddler Car Seat Travel Accessory straps the car seat to your rolling luggage allowing your child to sit in it while you make your way through the airport. So, you can have one child in the sling and one in the seat. You can then check the car seat at the gate.

The Carry On

  • - Snacks (nuts, granola bars or anything that will sustain them through the day. Remember to bring enough for delays)
  • - Empty water bottles to be filled up in the water fountain once past security
  • - Ear plugs (great ice breaker, if your kids start to scream or cry you can pass them out to your neighbors on the plane)
  • - Activities
  • - Enough diapers for every hour plus a few extra (again, be prepared for delays)
  • - Small blanket or sweater
  • - Wipes amd plastic bags for diapers or accidents, i.e. wet clothes
  • - Disposable placemats

And, remember to check for the latest information about what you liquids you can bring for young children.

Above all try to see flying as a relaxing adventure for your family and enjoy your trip.

Leave that Car Seat Behind!

Serge Lescouarnec, 'The French Guy from New Jersey' and writer of Serge the Concierge believes that sometimes less is more:

"Of course it depends on the age of the child, the destination, weather, length of the trip and other variables.

Let me go back in time, 15 years ago, when my 6 foot 4 eighteen years old son wearing size 14 shoes was a little three. I was not (and have never been) a single parent. In July 1995, I had to travel solo to France from the US with my son for what was his first time flying and the first time he would be separated from his mother. It did not take long for tears, screaming and other manifestations to erupt. After a while and a number of dark looks from fellow passengers, he got tired and fell asleep.

The real hurdle in my trip after that was once I had to transfer in Paris to my Toulouse bound flight and had to juggle child, backpack and car seat through turnstiles from one terminal to the other.

My tip to you: if you have to travel solo with a child, leave that car seat at home and find a way to borrow or rent one once you get to your destination. It will save you sweat and possibly tears"


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