A brief Introduction

One of the first remarks travel writers often hear on revealing their professions is something along the lines of "You get paid to travel? That must be the best job in the world!"

There are certainly worse jobs out there, but ask any professional writer and they�ll be quick to point out that the reality is often glorified. But don�t fear - if you�ve got your heart set on joining the echelons of travel writing�s elite, you�re in the right place. But in order to maximize your chances of catching a break it�s vital to be armed with all the information no matter how dissuading it may sound�

The Brutal Truth

Turning any passion into a full-time career is not without its tribulations. The path to becoming a professional writer is especially trying - the competition is fierce as the sheer number of people clamoring for the goal means that only those with unparalleled drive and talent succeed. Arguably, travel writing is an even more difficult nut to crack when compared to other non-fiction specialties; unless you�re a retired millionaire, having the funds to carry out the prerequisite travel is usually a large concern (as is the time factor when you�re working around that day job you�re so desperate to break out of).

A balanced family life? Forget it.

You�d think the age of the Internet would make alleviate many of the problems associated with getting your voice heard, but it�s a double-edged sword. Of course, it has given anyone with even limited technical skills a publishing platform but the rabble of voices is noisy and you�ll need some powerful lungs to be heard.

The world is a much, much smaller place too, and finding the unique angle which will land you that publication deal has never been trickier - writing up your sun lounger in Spain generally won�t cut it.

Still not Deterred?

Great! It takes incredible resolve to take it all the way, and despite the low success rate the job satisfaction is a more than worthwhile reward.

Whether you�re just starting out, have a few publications under your belt or have reached part-time travel writer status, our all-encompassing guide to the dos and don�ts will help you take your career to the next level. Feel free to dive straight in using the menu on the left.


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