Where Can I Find Travel Writing Work?

We�ve pulled together some of the best resources for getting paid work, but a word of warning - scammers are out there trying to take advantage of your eagerness, so exercise caution if your are offered an opportunity which seems odd. With a bit of critical thinking you can generally see straight through scam jobs, and don�t go anywhere near �travel writing courses� which claim to put you on an astronomical salary once completed.

When searching for paying markets, it can be a nightmare to separate the wheat from the chaff. We�ve done it for you - keep your eye on the following:

Worldwide Freelance - A good place to find paying markets and free to use. We also recommend signing up to the newsletter - ignore the spam adverts at the top and bottom and focus on the middle section which is packed with links to real paying publications and a good feature article (you�ll receive one or two a week).

Lonely Planet Guidebooks - It�s a tough nut to crack, but working for Lonely Planet is the travel writing equivalent of winning the Super Bowl. They�re about to launch some new vacancies here so check back; the competition will be high, but you have nothing to lose.

Travel Writing Markets - There�s only a few on here but they are worth tapping. The summaries are concise and the links lead direct to the magazine guidelines.

5 Travel Writing Markets (courtesy of The Brink of Something Else) - A great place to start if your portfolio is just starting out. The pay is not amazing but any of these titles look great on your bibliography.

Suite 101 Guide - Another assortment of well-paying publications, all on a single neat page.

Matador�s Non-US Overview - Matador have put together a top list of Non-US markets. As a travel writer you�re not bound to any world region, so these are some good tips to help you branch out.

Travel Writer�s Life - A brilliant resource page jam packed with paying magazines and US newspapers to approach. It provides the relevant editor�s email address which is handy, though you should obviously dig around the publication�s website extensively before firing off a query.


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