Travelling can potentially be the best time of your life, as long as you plan it right; it can also be slightly daunting, however young you are. The world is ready to be explored, holding a massive depth of culture and traditions which you could never even imagine. Travelling isn�t just a vacation, it is a way of life. If you have the urge to set sail on your own little adventure, but don�t know where to begin, let us lend you a helping hand with the Student�s Guide To Global Adventure.

Being a student doesn't exactly mean living in the lap of luxury, unless of course you happen to be mega-rich. So, not only do your student nights out consist of spending as little money as possible and bartering with the bar staff, along the lines of "yes you, do want to give me that shot for free, because I shall be your best friend forever"; it also consists of living three years or more eating value food and travelling as cheaply as possible. Students are renowned for their little-to-none spending habits, perhaps the economy should learn a lot from their ways.

When travelling, the world is your oyster - so to speak - as long as that oyster is cheap, or even free. Gone are the days where you have to spend your life savings travelling around the world. Some money of course helps however, inevitably it can be done cheaply and safely, as long as you read this must-see guide to Student Travelling. Of course, your pocket may never forgive you if you don't.

"writing about their travels after is the perfect way to reflect on the journey"

One helpful hint to students when traveling all over the world is to spare a thought for those back home: their friends and family who will be carrying on with their everyday lives as their loved ones jet off for their trip of a lifetime.. Family Travel Forum explained: "While traveling for a semester abroad is very exciting for students of any age, it can often be a worrisome time for parents and guardians who remain at home, sometimes far away." They also suggest that the best way to keep your mind on your travels, even when you return to reality is to keep a blog, "writing about their travels after is the perfect way to reflect on the journey. Our site is a great place for students to let their creative voices flow. We offer scholarships and other prizes for travel essays."


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