Go4less offer a wide range of services including Visa processing, Cheap Flights, Package holidays, City breaks, Hotels, Insurance and more. Go4less are part of Club Travel Ltd who have been in the travel business for over 35 years. They explained: "For students who want to travel to the US for the summer then the best option is the popular J1 Visa opening in October. This is a great opportunity to discover America while also earning money.

"We also offer USA Internships and the 12 Month USA program to students and recent graduates. No degree, but have 5 years work experience, then check out our US Career Training Visas.

"Or why not try Canada or Australia; with our Canada program you get a 12 Month visa plus a Guaranteed Job."

Student Beans is the UK's biggest student site, offering discounts, news, reviews and fun games and videos. Offering a unique mix of advice, entertainment and money saving deals, it's the official site for students in the UK. Launched in 2005, Student Beans now attracts over a million readers every month. The student experts suggests: "If you're travelling around Europe, an InterRail pass is essential, otherwise budget airlines or even asking for parent's air miles are a good idea. It's always good to carry cash cards rather than cash for security as they'll be insured and your parents can always top them up in emergencies. Keep your passport on you if you're travelling outside of Europe - it's useful for security but it also acts as proof of age if you want to drink alcohol in certain countries. Remember that you have to be over 21 in the US!

"If you're travelling around Europe, an InterRail pass is essential, otherwise budget airlines or even asking for parent's air miles are a good idea."

You can check online to see what student benefits and privileges are available for students too - cheaper travel and student nights are common everywhere, not just the UK. In terms of working abroad for your gap year, you'll need to check visa conditions with the relevant consulate in the UK as many rulings have become restricted in recent years as the number of applications rise. Finally, we'd advise planning your nights out (and budget) in advance as there's nothing worse than running out of funds during your final days of freedom!"


Traveling via bus can be generally cheap, a lot cheaper than train or plane; given you have days on end to spend onboard a bus. Bolt Bus in America is known for its bargain travel along the East of the Country and even offers free WIFI for your laptop, all for as little as a dollar. Britain's version of Bolt Bus is Mega Bus, catering for the North-East, Mid-West and West Coast, the fares cost as little as a dollar, being one of the cheapest bus services around the world. If you want to see Europe, the Busabout may be a great option for you. Travel in your own time with this bus company, you can very easily hop on and off at your leisure. You can start your tour wherever you like in Europe and finish wherever to chose to stop, it's simple. The buses take two days to pick up from every destination, so you will be unlikely to be left alone for weeks on end in a country you hardly know. You simply need to decide upon your trip whether it is a flexiroute one way, loop or a flexitrip (each to deliver to every traveler).

Euro Rail

Investing in a rail pass can be worth your while if you are going to use it until it has literally burnt away. You can select various passes from Euro Rail, a global pass will cost you from $439 for 15 days, allowing you to travel to 21 different countries for a youth (being under 25), a three month pass could cost you up to $1239 (usually a cost of a return flight over Christmas for many). The only catch is you must not be a European Resident, your residency will be checked, so try not to cheat your way out of it.

Low cost air carriers

If flying is a must for you, then attempt to choose a low cost air carrier like Ryanair, Easy Jet or StaTravel. Small routes can cost as little as 25 Euros, providing you book early, one important thing you must do is read all of the details and fine print. Some companies will not refund on cancelled flights, so be sure you know where and when you are going. Also, bear in mind transport once you arrive at your destination, it can be a fair travel to your point of call. StaTravel also offer excellent student discount rates, worth a look into if you would like to save as many dollars as possible for the necessities of your travels.

You could also attempt a spot of 'bumping', no it we don't mean bump off the passengers so you get a seat. Rather, bumping reflects airlines who know that not all of the aircraft seating will be taken and tends to overbook the flights. Airlines tend to ask for volunteers to give up their seats for the next available flight, usually in exchange for a free seat on the next flight as well as some cash. If you have no solid plans, this could be an option for you. This tends to happen during the busiest seasons of the year as well as during the weekends, if this is something you may want to do, then arrive early and put your name on the list, it could earn you a free flight.

The idea behind cheap air travel is to be alert and organized. Know when to go and where to go, in order to save as much of the green stuff as possible. If you decide to fly during the slowest and quietest days of the week, which tend to be Tuesday or Wednesday and attempt to avoid Monday and Friday, which tend to be more expensive due to business travelers. The best thing to do is think of the most unlikely flight to go on, which many may not want to hop onto during the week; this will probably be one of the cheapest flights. Likewise, you are advised by many airlines to travel during low season to keep the costs down, therefore anything between spring, summer and winter. It goes without saying that you would want to travel to the most popular places at slightly unpopular times. Being flexible and open to change will help increase your chances of getting that bargain flight (although a little research may be needed here). Some have suggested that buying a package deal even if you don't need it will work out cheaper for you, they offer cheap hotel deals, as well as car rentals thrown in. What if you don't need the car rental and hotel? It is still worth a look into, as some places actually offer the package a lot cheaper than just the flight alone, if it is a last minute deal then this is often the case. Lastly you are advised to buy during the cheapest time of the day. When is this? Early, they don't just say the early bird catches the worm for the sake of it; in this case it is generally true. During the weekend, the best time to get a cheap deal is either early Saturday morning, or early Saturday evening. Be sure to be quick, the cheap flights can be snapped up in an instant.


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