Being young, you have youth on your side; however that doesn't mean you can go weeks on end without any sleep, it may be a slight pain however your youth relies on it. A sleepless 24 hours may be fair enough, a whole week on the other hand is a completely different kettle of fish. Whether you choose a hostel, camping or to risk getting caught up in the law, you may need to do your little bit of research. Or carry on reading; we have done it for you.

Anil Polat is a full time traveler who writes the foXnoMad blog, teaching others all the ways to travel smarter. The expert traveler gave us a little hindsight into how to save money when booking a hostel: "You can cut down on the amount of money you spend on meals by booking a hostel that includes breakfast in the price. Many hostels only offer toast, but if you read the online reviews, you'll find many have more elaborate buffets that can keep you full until close to dinnertime. You may be tempted to save a few dollars for a hostel without a meal but almost always what you get in the dorms is much cheaper than anything you can find by eating out. A good hostel breakfast will also reduce how much you end up spending on groceries. If you have any doubts as to what the hostel offers for breakfast (and some have dinner as well) give them a call or send an email before booking."

Hostel is one site dedicated to finding you cheap accommodation for your travels, especially for those looking to travel in and around Europe. The London-based company provide for students all over the world a cheap place to catch their beauty sleep.

"You can cut down on the amount of money you spend on meals by booking a hostel that includes breakfast in the price."

Student can also provide you with a plethora of accommodation fit for...well... a student. Based in Australia, if you are hitting 'Down Under' then they can help with all of your accommodation needs; as long as your needs do not involve hitting the outback, in which case you are on your own.

If you want to search the world of hostels, from Albania to Zimbabwe then head to Hostel Hostel World guarantees the full reservation of your required accommodation where ever you wish to go. You are sure to get the cheap accommodation you deserve form Hostel World.

Hostels tend to cost between $15 to $45 dollars a night, which compared to the many hotels is an absolute bargain. It tends to be cheaper to book a dorm rather than a smaller room, there may be more people to a room but on the plus side, you save the dollars and could make a few more friends at the same time, so perhaps being picky simply isn't an option for you. Bear in mind that many people stay in hostels, not just the youth and many stay in hostels for a variety of reasons, so respecting others in hostels is vital. There are usually between two and ten people to a room with bunk beds. During the peak seasons however, there could be up to 30 people to a room, albeit this is rare.

The custom in hostels is to keep the noise down. It may not be party central, but you may need the quietness when you have been travelling and exploring all day long. Never fear, you are not putting your health at risk by choosing cheap and cheerful over cleanliness. Hostels are fairly clean places; bearing in mind you are not going to have it pristine - it is not a five-star hotel. Hostels tend to have a lock-out during the day in order for the cleaning to commence, meaning that it is closed for service. It is also important to note that many hostels do not allow sleeping bags, because it is easy for bugs to get inside them (not that the hostels are bug-ridden places, but bugs may love the darkness of a sleeping bag). Instead you will be provided with a sleep sheet, or linen as your form of bedding; they are changed every one to three days.


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