If you are one of those people who tend to have that sinking feeling that you have forgotten something once you are on the plane and it is simply too late to head home, then writing a list would be the best thing you could ever do. "Why?" I hear you say? Writing a list puts all of your worries onto a page, allowing you to edit and add to it until you are as happy as can be. Starting this list to end all lists should begin a while before you set off, allowing you days to remember things and to think things over. Your list should include everything you are planning on taking with you, from clothing to toiletries, maps, guides information and your very important documents (plane tickets is the biggest must ever. You must, must, must remember it. Drill it into your head). Review the list every couple days, so you can amend the items on there, before and when packing tick off the items as you go along (yes, it may be geeky, but you will be thanking us once you have remembered everything). Although we say it is good to be prepared, taking six month's worth of toothpaste, shower gel and shampoo is excessive. Somewhere you are going to find a shop upon your travels and if you are lucky you will find some more shampoo and shower gel (keep those fingers crossed). Compression bags are probably one of the best inventions for travelers, for those huge sweaters you are advised to pack on your travels. They can take up a great deal of un-necessary room, something the bags can eliminate by 75%, they also work for locking the odor out of your clothes once worn.

If you are still lost then we have undertaken the task of finding all you could possible need (well nearly):

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste, going days on end without clean teeth can quite literally feel like you have a cat in your mouth, which is not nice.
  • Contact lens, glasses and solutions, quite simply things will be difficult without these if you need them.
  • Razor. So you are traveling, unless you like the au natural look, a shave every now and again wouldn't go amiss.
  • Hairbrush and/ or hair care. So you are traveling budget style that does not mean your hair can go un-brushed for months on end.
  • Soap and shampoo, again budget does not me smelliness, solid shampoo and soaps are a good buy, compact and long-lasting.
  • Condoms (maybe not as essential). If the opportunity arises, safety is your main concern.
  • Towel, no unfortunately you cannot rely on your parents on this one, you will need to pack one.
  • Plenty of underwear - it is essential.
  • Clothes which you can mix and match, this is not a fashion lesson, simply saving you as much time and space as possible.
  • Pack according to every weather possible. This does not mean snow boots etc, but traveling the world would allow you to come face to face with every weather imaginable.
  • Guidebook, phrase book etc. Not for every country imagine, granted, however you may need to know a little lingo before you head on your travels.
  • Sunglasses, water bottle, sun cream - the sun is deadly in various places all over the world, prepare for this.
  • Money, although split up your money in various places. Keeping all of your money together is risky to say the least; if that suitcase was stolen you will be quite literally left with nothing.
  • Phone numbers, just in case. Your loved ones will be worried sick about you whilst you are away, God forbid something should happen, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Plastic bags, helps to keep these around your toiletries before disaster strikes.
  • First aid kit, again you never know if and when you are going to need it.
  • Wipes, not just for babies, they are quite literally useful for many things. A must. Sanitizer is also useful in cases where you need to but cannot wash your hands.

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